Midland Eye announces latest Lensar laser cataract treatment

Midland Eye is already widely known for the expertise of its ophthalmic consultants and the wide range of diagnosis, treatment and cosmetic procedures available to patients. The Midland Eye has now announced that they are now able to offer the most advanced cataract treatment available – LENSAR laser cataract surgery which offers unprecedented accuracy throughout the cataract treatment procedure.

Leading Midland Eye ophthalmic surgeon Professor Sunil Shah commented “The high precision of the LENSAR laser system is supported by full 3D custom imaging of each individual eye. This allows the laser to perform incisions which are more precise than ever before. The system is fully automated and supported by multiple screens that we can use for highly informed diagnosis and accurate surgical procedure.” Professor Shah continued; “As has always been the case at Midland Eye, our goal is to achieve the very best clinical outcomes for our patients. Taking advantage of the very best technology, like the LENSAR laser system, is very much part of our on-going comitment to patients”

The LENSAR technology, is also comfortable for patients and minimises the contact between the equipment and the patients eye through a liquid interface. By avoiding any compression of the cornea, this approach also ensures a greater accuracy in the treatment procedure

For more information about the Lensar laser cataract surgery click here.

In addition to cataract treatment, and thanks to the considerable experience of the consultant team (all of whom lecture on eye health and undertake research in their own right), Midland Eye has also been licensed to undertake clinical trials using the new LENSAR system to treat age related reading difficulty (presbyopia).
For more information about taking part in this program, please contact the Midland eye on 0121 711 2020.


Date: 10/01/2013