Reach Beyond

Ian Cunliffe has been working with Reach Beyond who work in several areas around the world but Mr Cunliffe has been specifically working with the Team in Ghana based in Accra. Each year they run outreach clinics into the community areas to provide medical care and one of the areas they were deficient in was Ophthalmology. They could identify cases of cataracts but could not do anything for the patients.

Midland Eye has donated their cataract phase machine and hand pieces ( when we upgraded the system) with a view to establishing a cataract surgery facility at one of their clinics in Accra. The aim would then be to provide free cataract surgery for those patients they meet in the villages and who have cataracts.

Where we are up to is that we have established the link with a specific clinic site and met with them to look at providing equipment and support, providing local surgeons ( through links we have) and to get the facility up and running. They have already started to run eye clinics to get used to things and the next step will be actually building the theatre. Hopefully this will be running in the next year or so.