Eye care for Zambia

Tristan Reuser has recently come back from Zambia to support the Eye Care for Zambia charity.

Read more from those who started the charity

“We should go to Zambia, Simon, and do some good deeds”

The idea started with a throw-away corridor comment, in a hospital in Birmingham. Our hospital was a bad one: it was failing and only radical surgery could save it. It was taken over. You think this hospital and the services we provide, are in bad shape? Think again!

The Brits are spoilt endlessly, as we found out in Africa. From this brittle foundation, a loose comment ,a project was started that turned into a torrent of action that can only be compared to the exponential growth of Zambia’s biggest river, the mighty Zambezi, and how this, in a matter of a few months, turns into the seventh wonder if the the world, the Victoria Falls, during the rainy season.

Through planting little seeds in certain people ‘s minds, and diligent irrigation of the seedlings, The Birmingham Eye Zambia Team ( BEZT) were able to build a team and build on the foundation of a loose comment and create a momentum that will hopefully be bigger than the Zambezi river and its Falls.