Eye brows

We have eyebrows to prevent sweat going into our eyes as much as possible.

Under normal circumstances drops of fluid will be deflected to the side of the eyebrow. It will thus not reach the eye. Under excessive sweating conditions the eyebrows will not prevent perspiration reaching the eye.

Apart from having this function, the brows play an important aesthetic role. Male eyebrows are generally positioned lower than female ones. Also, the shape is flatter in males compared with females.The position of the eyebrows may become lower later in life as a result of laxness of tissues that keep the eyebrow in its youthfull high position. The position of the eyebrow may be altered in many ways, and it will depend very much on how the brow is being used in facial expression in a given individual. The type of correction to alter position and / or form will be dictated on individual anatomical factors , to the extent that advice can be given only (as always) when having seen the particular problem “live”.

You are therefore advised to come along to get some advice that will help you personally.