After your tear duct operation

What is normal after your operation?

  • some bruising around the eye. Sometimes the bruising may be quite extensive. This will clear in the first few weeks.
  • some redness and swelling around the wound
  • feeling as if there is something in the eye
  • a little bit of bleeding from the nose

What can you do after the operation?

  • most things one would normally do, without over exerting oneself
  • wash your face and hair, without putting pressure on the operated eye and making sure you keep your eye closed, so water cannot enter it

When you should get worried about the healing:

  • the wound is getting red, and more swollen
  • when an enormous amount of swelling develops directly after the operation, such that, even after prying the eyes open, the vision is markedly reduced
  • when you get significant amounts of bleeding, i.e. teacups full

What must you not do after the operation?

  • rub the wound , even if it is itching
  • heavy exercises
  • swimming for 3 weeks at least. If in doubt, ask the treating doctor
  • forcefully blowing your nose, as this will interfere with the wound created inside the nose. Rather sniff up.