After your cataract operation

What is normal after your operation?

  • redness of the white of the eye
  • feeling as if there is something in the eye
  • some watering
  • the vision may be sharp, but in some patients it will be somewhat blurred, whilst in others the vision is blurred (without glasses) on purpose.

What can you do after the operation?

  • read normally
  • look at the television normally
  • use sunglasses if they are comfortable to you
  • wash your face and hair, without putting pressure on the operated eye and making sure you keep your eye closed, so water cannot enter it
  • go out normally

It is advisable to allow a week off work although you should normally be able to resume work after 4-5 days.

What you must do after the operation:

  • put the eye drops in as instructed
  • cover your eye during the night with the shield provided (this prevents you from accidentally rubbing or knocking your eye whilst asleep)

When should you get worried about your eye:

  • pain in the eye, that does not start settling after 3-4 days
  • pus coming out of the eye

What must you not do after the operation?

  • under no circumstances rub your eye, or press on it.