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Review: A Life Changing Procedure


Mrs Jagdeep Kaur, a Specialist Orthoptist, had bilateral ICLs in July 2022, and says ‘The procedure has honestly been life-changing for me’.

Read Mrs Kaur’s full review of her experience at Midland Eye below.

What procedure did you have?

I had bilateral ICLs in July 2022, and it has been the best decision. I am delighted with the result. I was moderately myopic and started wearing glasses aged 9. I then wore contact lenses pretty much full-time from 12 years old until my early 20’s but then became intolerant to contact lenses. I really disliked wearing glasses. There were heavy and I could never find a style that suited. They interfered with sports, activities and affected my confidence significantly.

How did you find the customer service at Midland Eye?

The customer service at ME is excellent. From the moment you enter you feel welcomed and cared for. Staff are professional, knowledgeable, give you plenty of time to ask questions and be fully informed regarding management options and the implications, risks, and benefits. I felt that Mr Barua really wanted to ensure I had the best outcome and discussed why ICL would be a better option and the lenses available. He also wanted to ensure that I had a good long-term outcome as I approached presbyopia, and we decided to opt for one eye to be corrected for near and the other for the distance. In the operating theatre, the staff were so empathetic and caring, they reassured me throughout the procedure and informed me of what was happening, it was all over pretty quickly! The aftercare instructions were clear and the post-op care was excellent.

Why did you choose Midland Eye over our competitors?

The excellent reputation of ME and the doctors there.

How has your procedure at Midland Eye positively impacted everyday activities?

The procedure has honestly been life-changing for me, for example waking up and seeing clearly without having to reach/find my glasses and worrying about where I put my glasses down on a night. I feel so liberated not having worrying about if they broke whilst playing netball and then being stranded without being able to drive home. Being able to swim and see! I also went travelling over the summer and it felt amazing to be able to see clearly for the first time since I can remember, without glasses or contact lenses, no frames in the way, no concerns about losing a contact lens. I could participate in all the activities without any anxiety over my glasses. It felt really good not worrying about breaking/damaging glasses and ensuring that I always had a spare pair on me. It has also significantly improved my confidence as I always felt I hid behind my glasses, and I now don’t mind posing for photos with my children  I also feel more confident meeting new people and as vain as it is, I love being able to wear mascara without it smudging on my glasses!  I cannot describe in enough words the immensely positive impact the procedure has had on my life and the freedom it has given.

How was your overall experience, and would you recommend Midland Eye to others?

My experience was fabulous and I am recommending the procedure and ME to all my spectacle wearing friends and family! The care, service, attention to detail, efficiency, communication and professionalism were outstanding.


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