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Private eye surgery: Ptosis correction surgery to fix drooping eye-lids

Private eye care
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Private eye surgery: Ptosis correction surgery to fix drooping eye-lids

Private eye care
available now

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Ptosis (drooping eye-lid)

Ptosis, or drooping of the upper eyelid, can happen in one or both eyes. Ptosis can interfere with vision by affecting the upper field of vision. It may also cause eye strain, eyebrow ache or cosmetic concerns.

What causes Ptosis?

Ptosis can sometimes be present at birth; this is known as congenital ptosis and is usually due to a defect in the upper eyelid muscle. However, more commonly it appears later in life, as an acquired ptosis. This can be the result of long-term contact lens wear, trauma or following other eye surgery, which can all cause stretching of the upper eyelid tendon. Sometimes this stretching is just caused by age-related changes in the eyelid. There are a few other rare causes of ptosis which include other conditions that can weaken the eyelid muscles, such as myasthenia gravis or myotonic dystrophy, or which cause paralysis of the nerves supplying the eyelid.

Surgery to correct Ptosis

Ptosis surgery is carried out to lift one or both of your upper lids. It can improve your field of view and brighten your vision. It can also relieve eye strain and brow ache or headache if these are caused by the eyelid droop. It should improve the symmetry of your eyes.  It is usually performed under local anaesthetic, although occasionally some sedation can be given during the procedure to help you to relax. The surgery should take approximately 45 minutes per eye.

If you require surgery to correct ptosis our ophthalmology surgeons can offer a range of advanced treatments. We offer all-inclusive self-pay packages for patients who require ptosis surgery and who wish to pay for their own treatment (terms and conditions apply). Prices for ptosis surgery start from:

  • Correction of ptosis of eye-lid (unilateral) from £1,950
  • Correction of ptosis of eye-lid (bilateral) from £2,450.

For more information and to speak to our friendly self-pay advisors call 0121 667 7894

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We have introduced additional risk assessments, new health and safety and infection control measures, and additional staff training to protect everyone on our premises from Covid-19, in line with all official guidelines. Read more about our measures to protect patients from Covid here.

What’s included in your inclusive self-pay package?


Personalised treatment plan

We know everyone is different, so your treatment plan will be individually tailored to you and designed to suit your specific healthcare needs and lifestyle


Preoperative care

All pre-operative assessments and any tests or scans undertaken while you are at Parkside Hospital for the procedure will be covered – so no hidden costs or fees


World-class expert team

All inpatient treatment costs as part of your procedure are included. This includes consultant, hospital, nursing, imaging and physiotherapy fees as applicable



Our expert care doesn’t end when your procedure does. All aftercare including medication for up to 7 days and one follow-up appointment post-surgery is included in your package

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Three flexible ways to pay

Pay for yourself

You can choose to pay for the treatment you have with us with consultations from £200.

Private insurance

We work with all the leading providers and your treatment could be covered by your insurer.

Interest free loan

We offer finance options so you can pay for your treatment in regular interest-free installments*.

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If you are considering paying for your own surgery and need more information or have a price enquiry and would like to speak to our Self-Pay Team, please fill in the form below and one of our team will contact you as soon a possible. Midland Eye Private Hospital offers all-inclusive self-pay packages for patients who wish to fund their own ophthalmology treatment.

For more information and prices, speak to one of our friendly self-pay advisors by calling 0121 667 7894 or click here to book an appointment

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