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World Sight Day 2023: Championing Eye Care in the Workplace


October 12, 2023

At Midland Eye, we are proud to support World Sight Day 2023, a global initiative led by the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB). This year, the event takes place on October 12th, with a crucial focus on the significance of prioritising eye care in the workplace.

The theme for World Sight Day 2023 is #LoveYourEyes at Work. It underscores the importance of promoting eye health in professional settings and recognising the positive impact it has on both individuals and organisations. Peter Holland, CEO of IAPB, emphasised,

We know that the world is a safer, more productive place when eye health is prioritised.

Studies have shown that correcting vision with glasses can boost productivity by over 20%, reduce the rate of early retirement, and contribute to safer driving.

With this in mind, IAPB aims to bridge the gap in understanding that eye care is not just an expense but a vital investment that yields measurable benefits for both employees and employers. At Midland Eye we, of course, place a huge emphasis on eye health and so we prioritise our staff by offering them complimentary eye tests.

Our very own Professor Sunil Shah will spend World Sight Day in Belfast, speaking about the work that he undertakes with the KHMER Sight Foundation in Cambodia.

Photo of Prof Shah with a patient in Cambodia. Photo from Cambodia Begins At 40.


Participation in World Sight Day 2023 offers numerous opportunities to make a difference:

  1. Employee Eye Health Screenings: Workplaces are encouraged to participate in a global challenge by conducting eye health screenings for their employees.
  2. Engaging with HR: Employees are urged to discuss their entitlement to eye care benefits with their human resources representatives, ensuring that eye care becomes an integral part of workplace well-being.
  3. Promoting Inclusion: For organisations that do not currently offer eye care benefits, IAPB will provide resources to help employees advocate for its inclusion as part of their employment package.

Leading up to World Sight Day, individuals and businesses are invited to pledge their commitment to #LoveYourEyes. To actively participate in the campaign visit

Peter Holland concluded,

“We know that we are louder when we come together. Therefore, I invite everyone to join us this World Sight Day, make the campaign your own, be bold, and create a movement that cannot be overlooked.”

If you would like to speak with Midland Eye about providing Eye Health Checks for your business or organisation, get in contact with us today by clicking here: Contact us

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