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Ophthalmology and eye care in Cambodia

Up until last year, there have been organisations and specialist ophthalmologists and other health care givers who have kindly carried out many voluntary missions over 15 plus years to Cambodia and operated on hundreds of vision impaired both in Phnom Penh and sought out people in need throughout the provinces.

Not only have they given the gift of sight back to many people who have suffered unnecessarily, but they have also taught and trained local aspiring eye care specialists to take over the surgery and teaching to help the Country move towards self-sustainable eye care and treatment.

Through the initiative of local philanthropists, the Cambodia International Sight Association (CISA) and the Khmer Sight Foundation (KSF) was formed in 2015. The initiative unifies ophthalmology and eye care in Cambodia through the efforts of Australian and New Zealand ophthalmologist’s assistance to Cambodia.

The initiative extended training and development of skills both by visiting specialists and scholarships abroad for local students to help the Country become self-reliant.

Professor Shah visited Cambodia in April 2017 to provide his support to the work of CISA and the KFS.

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